Alfaguara & Huetor Sierra



This hikking tour begins in the municipality of Alfacar, near of Granada city. This town is internationally famous for the quality of its bread. The tradition of this industry has its origin five centuries ago. In addition, Alfacar bread (sourdough) is one of the few products of this type that have the IGP distinctive (Protected Geographical Indication in spanish), such as the Galician Cea bread and the Catalan Pagés Bread.

On this visit, you can stop at one of the local ovens to taste this bread, as the route begins at one of the highest points here, Fuente Grande, or Fuente de Aynadamar as the muslims called it (the meaning of Aynadamar is' "Fountain of tears"), a natural spring whose water, through a kilometer-long canal, supplied water to the Alhambra and the Albaycín.

The tour will continue to the Federico García Lorca park. From there we will continue on foot along the road until you reach the Víznar ravine (also a place of historical memory), leaving the Aynadamar canal on the right.

From here we will go to the Barranco de Víznar from where we already set our sights on the Sierra de Huétor, visiting the so-called Trincheras del Maullo.


  • Duration: 4 hrs. aprox.

  • Level: moderate - easy.

  • Meeting point: Fuente de las Lagrimas, Alfacar.

  • Price: from 30€ per person.


* This tour does not have a regular schedule, do not hesitate to write us and check our availability!