Secrets of La Axarquía: Buddhist Stupa & Torre Atalaya - Comares - Cútar - El Borge

Road Trip


"That path was surrounded by tropical aromas. The path made its way through hills leading us to that vortex where the sea almost embraces the sky. With a special, different vibration, it keeps distant secrets in space and time ..."


Welcome to La Axarquía, a land as peculiar as different. A whole orchard in which different cultures settled in the heat of its subtropical climate and its fertile land rising up in front of the sea...


Accessible to all those who seek a different experience, this unique environment attracts our attention by itself, arousing curiosity, this experience will lead us to discover one of the most important stupas outside the Asian continent. We access by a rural road surrounded by tropical fruit trees. There we will enjoy its visual beauty.


From the Stupa we will go on foot along a path that in a few minutes takes us to the imposing Torre Atalaya, a beacon tower of muslim origin that controlled the entire valley that arises on the slopes of La Maroma, being part of the defensive system and communications.


Then, we turn our gaze to Comares, a white town with a medina structure that rises imposingly on the rock with which it shares it´s name. We will take a tour of its narrow streets, its own name tells us about its forms as "the heights castle".


* After the tour we will have free time, whoever wishes can enjoy the local gastronomy. We are in the lands of the Raisin Grapes and Wine Route.


We return to the road until we reach Cútar, "the fountain of paradise", where we arrive at the old muslim water fountain. A place as full of magic as it is of history. Likewise, the spectacular views of this small town with its church will leave us unique images.


The last steps of our route takes us to El Borge, the land of bandits. A tour of its streets that will take us to visit the old church of the 16th century and its peculiar crypt, which ceased to have use back in the 18th century and today we can visit.


  • Meeting Point: Paseo de la Farola, Málaga city centre.
  • Duration: 7 hours aprox.
  • Semi-private tour: 8 persons max.
  • Lunch, not included: we will have 75 minutes aprox. of free time, whoever wishes can enjoy the local gastronomy. We are in the lands of the Raisin Grapes and Wine Route.


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