The Travel Factory Andalucia Experiences aim to give both, a general and a deep vision of Andalusia, doing an approach to the humans environments and to their own nature, history and culture.


We work with small groups (Semi-Private Tours scheduled, Private Group Tours on request). The target is to discover the secrets of regions such as La Axarquía in Malaga, Las Alpujarras de Granada or the surroundings of the Nasrid capital, among others...


  • Build your own Personalized Tailored Experience in Andalusia: to find out more, click on here.
  • Semi-Private Tours in Malaga and Granada: with groups for maximum 8 or 10, depending about the tour. Time and meeting point sheduled in advance.
  • Private Tours in Andalucía: just one booking for maximum 8 pax. We pick up you on your hotel or in the place that you prefer! Ask for the price and options here.


Mainly, we operate two kind of activities, always without forgetting the organization of routes and specific events on demand to satisfy specific travelers needs.


Still don´t know what to do in Andalucia? Our main action groups are:



Tailored Experiences in Andalusia


Would you like to create the experience that suits the best your interests and needs? Do you want to have the best holidays in Andalusia? If do you want to know more, click here and discover everything you need to have a truly unforgettable experience.





Day trips, around 7 hours per tour, in which ones we visit some of the most iconic, beautiful and peculiar spots in Andalusia.


Our usual departure points are Malaga and Granada, although we also work with hotels and various entities in the sector, so we are open to specific requests for groups of travelers with needs of many kinds.


If you want to know more about it, go to our section of RoadTrips Tours in Andalusia.




Hiking and Walking Tours


Nature and urban on foot tours are another of the fundamental elements of Travel Factory Andalucía's activities for travelers.


Our hiking tours are developed both in the province of Malaga and Granada, being both accessible to different profiles and based on the beauty of the natural settings in which they are developed.


Go to our section to discover more about the walking and hiking tours with Travel Factory Andalucía.

Travel Factory Andalucía Experiences