Federico García Lorca, following his footsteps

Walking Tour


"Mi corazón reposa junto a la fuente fría
(Llénala con tus hilos, araña del olvido)" -

Federico García Lorca. Sueño II. Libro de Poemas.



More than eighty years after his death, the place where the remains of Federico García Lorca are found is still a mystery. Several have been the researchers who have wanted to unveil this unknown fact, but all their efforts have been in vain. Perhaps the heart of the poet rests next to the cold fountain, perhaps not.

This route starts just 10 kilometers away from the capital Granada, in the municipality of Alfacar, at the "Fuente de las Lágrimas" (Aynadamar in Arabic, that's what the locals called it more than five centuries ago).

Along the tour, the guide will place the visitor in context and will narrate aspects of Lorca's life and will enliven the march with the reading of pieces by the grenadian-born author.

In this experience we will follow in the footsteps of a poet as iconic as this international man from Granada is, approaching to him from the most prominent places of his last days (f.e. Barranco de Víznar, La Colonia or the monument erected in his honor) and his work.


  • Duration: 3 hrs. aprox.

  • Meeting point: Fuente de las Lagrimas, Alfacar.

  • Price: from 30€ per person.


* This tour does not have a regular schedule, do not hesitate to write us and check our availability!