Travel Factory Andalucía Hikking & Walking Tours

Andalusia is not only history, legends or the land where different cultures and peoples were settled. It is also nature, it´s mountains that look to the sky, cliffs that rise imposing over the sea, meandering rivers that shape landscapes,… All this, taken together, tells us about the passing of centuries and the traces that draw our today.


With the Travel Factory Andalucía hiking tours we look directly at those spaces where Gea takes it´s place, sometimes shaped by human activity, other times, so abrupt that it becomes almost immutable.


In our walking tours, we go through the streets and the most striking corners of various environments and some urban areas.


What to do in Andalusia? Our main Hikking & Walking tours are:



Rio Chillar Walking Tour


Hikking along the cliffs of Maro - Cerro Gordo


La Axarquía Escondida: El Saltillo, Canillas de Aceituno & Salares


Following the Federico García Lorca traces


Alfaguara & Huetor Sierra